The Family Christmas Book

The Original Christmas Book from Traditions Press, Inc.

Preserving treasured family memories since 1979.

Making Your Family Christmas Book

Over the years owners of The Family Christmas Book have shared their special thoughts and enjoyment of using the book with us. Here are a few of their suggestions for making the most of your book.

Choose a special day to record your family's memories and make a tradition of filling out the book as a family on that day each year. Allowing each member of the family to share their memories and highlights of the past year together makes for special family time. Some families have suggested New Years Day as their day to fill out The Family Christmas Book.

Keep a photo copy of the pages from The Family Christmas Book on file somewhere. You have our permission to copy and store the completed pages in any format desired.

Some customers tell us that they keep their book in a sealed plastic bag and store it with their Christmas Decorations. Others like to keep The Family Christmas Book out on their coffee table as a family album to share with friends.

Use acid-free adhesive or glue to attach photos and cards to the pages of your book.

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